I am not able to Login to my Anapla to build models


I can login to view course, but when I try to login via this link it is repeatedly saying the pwd is incorrect. Im also not able to set it right as Im receiving no email.

Do we need a business email or account to access this?


  • @ArunRaj

    Who gave you access to Anaplan Workspace? Have you applied via the Anaplan Talent Builder program or has your internal team added you to a workspace?

  • @ArunRaj : Community User (also for Learning center) are different from the model builder users to use the Anaplan platform to create Anaplan models .

    You will need to have access as model builder (Workspace admin) that it is given by an Anaplan Tenant.

    If you are not employed to an Anaplan customer, you can find here the latest about Anaplan Talent Builder program that can support in your Anaplan learning path : https://community.anaplan.com/kb/articles/153709-talent-builder-programs

    Hope it helps