Searching for community members-- functionality removed?


There used to be the ability to search for a name and find community members. Was this moved to another area? If it was removed, why? This helped to facilitate hiring, validations of certifications and more. You can still see someone's profile if you know their username or click through a link on an idea exchange.

Please bring member search back— or if still available, easier to find.

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  • EricS
    edited March 27

    Hey @jepley thank you for posting your idea/request! You're right, and that is something we worked on and recently re-deployed! You can now search by username. Additionally, on the search page, you'll notice a number of filters are now available as well, from "Idea" to "Category" and specifically "Author / User." Please try it out and let us know how it's working for you! Here is a screenshot of the filters - depending on the search term, you may see significantly more or less results for each of the filters!

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