L2 INV03 Distribution Summary - Stock Exceptions


I wanted to get some help with my formula for the Stock Exceptions line item.

Previously my formula for this line item was: INV01
Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count[SUM: 'SYS08 SKU

This worked, but was giving me large stock exceptions and was unsure if it was correct or not because the training does not have a "check your work" at this stage.

I later reviewed the training and it stated that it needed to be by product and distribution center with an "appropriate summary".

Here is what I currently have:

I would like to know if my current formula and summary method are correct, and if it will cause any issues when answering the stock exceptions question on the exam.

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  • LauranceJ
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    Hi OMartinez,

    Your original formula looked good.

    You can use drill down as it comes in handy to see where values come from and it may show you why so many exceptions occur.

    Also, look at your product hierarchy, you may find that the P2 Products is the parent of P3 SKU.

    A Sum summary in INV01 will suffice for that part as linking to INV03 won't need you to sum on a products parent.

    Hoping the above helps.