Formula Summary for reporting

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Have to run a variance reporting for 3 Line items. In the source, the line items have dimensions and Time(Quarter). The variance Reporting module is run by the same dimensions, the source line items act as a dimension(by line-item subset) and looksup the Year selection by the user.

The challenge is that one line item has sum as summary and the other 2 runs in Formula summary.

So while running Variance the line item with sum summary returns correct values but the one with formula summary not returning correct values in the top level.

How to overcome this?

Thanks in Advance


  • Hi @ShobikaV,

    Could you post a screenshot of the module and explain how the result with the formula summary is incorrect?



  • @ShobikaV

    Yea, that is a pain…Essentially what you have to do is create a "staging" line item that does the lookup with the summary as SUM and then your formula line item has to reference the staging line item.