Revision tags with multiple builders


My client is asking what is the best way to allow multiple model builders in Anaplan independently? In the current system there is no way to isolate what changes should be moved to other environments, i.e., revision tags are cumulative.

How do you all handle this?

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  • rob_marshall


    Yes, you are correct in how ALM works, it is cumulative. The only way to do this currently is to use Back to the Future.

  • alexpavel
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    @robinsalk : in completion of what Rob said: to have more control of what is happening in the DEV model, a way is to create revision tags quite frequently (like weekly or more often) and compare the revision tags to identify what structural modifications were done in the model between different revision tags. And use the history log to check in more detail a particular modification. Also exporting periodically the "Line Items" tab from the modules section can help to make snapshots of the formulas in the model.

    I think the reason why ALM works cumulatively is that at any moment, it is needed that the model has coherent formulas.

    Multiple model builders can work on the model at the same time, the modifications are traced in the history log, and the last modifications made in DEV can be pushed in PROD (if necessary).

    A good practice could be also that model builders to trace by themselves (based on the features that they are working on) what Anaplan objects modified (lists, modules, actions created to implement a particular user story).

    Hope it helps,