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Greetings Anaplanners,

I'd like to share an idea about the availability of the option to duplicate Anaplan processes.

Context: Recently, I was engaged in creating flat exports from a module, which functioned seamlessly when a series of 12 actions were executed, followed by an export action. When the need arose to replicate a similar process on same module with specific filters for different cost categories, I realized the immense value it would bring if we could effortlessly duplicate the initial process and modify only the last export action. This feature would greatly enhance efficiency and streamline our workflow.


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  • Great idea, this would be extremely helpful!

    I would also like to recommend the ability to duplicate a singular action as well. This feature would significantly improve efficiency and streamline the process of creating new actions with similar mappings.


    1. Time Savings: Currently, when we need to create a new action with similar mappings, we have to manually recreate each mapping. This can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with a large number of line items. By allowing users to duplicate an existing action, we can save valuable time and effort.
    2. Reduced Errors: Manual remapping introduces the risk of errors. With a duplication feature, we eliminate the chance of overlooking a mapping or misconfiguring settings during the recreation process.

    How It Could Work:

    1. Select Original Action: Users would choose an existing action as the source for duplication.
    2. Create New Action: A new action would be generated, mirroring the original action’s structure, including dimensions, line items, and filters.
    3. Adjust Source: Users could then easily change the source (e.g., saved view) for the duplicated action.
      1. This may need additional functionality added in order to adjust the source of the new action, without impacting source of original action.

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