NUX Map/Map Box with Shading/Scale/Heat Map


The Map Box has been a great addition to the Anaplan Platform, however, it still lacks a lot of visual functionality that is available in tools like Power BI, Tableau etc.

In my case, as far as I can tell, there's no way to create any sort of visually pleasing heat map, or do any country shading that doesn't involve the hovering performance bubbles which when zoomed out are rendered generally useless.

One use case could be presenting the "Annual Plan" visually across all WW countries with color shading based on expected performance. Instead of leveraging the performance bubbles which would summarize the total, the shading would imply how well the country is doing and when you hover over, you could see the actual total being represented.

If you are able to add an additional layer of granularity, you could add some form of heat map functionality which I've seen in Tableau based on zip code etc.

Open to any feedback on possible workarounds to the above.

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