Show the last date and time a process was run on a dashboard

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We have a process to import live orders, and it takes a little time to import the data, it is used up to 7 staff members, and as they are working from home a great deal they sometimes all run the process one after each other, which can be draining on the system and my mood It can be run 40 times a day and only needs to be run maybe twice…
I have asked them to restrain themselves from running it, but to no avail. If we could display the last process run data (Startdate and time (UTC)) on the dashboard they can see if it's been run in the last 15 mins/hour etc and not keep pressing the button… thoughts?



  • The metadata of when an action was last ran isn't currently available to use.
    You could build something in the UX page they are running this from so that it only lets them run it if they have entered the time and date and it then sets that as the previous date/time for display.
    Or have them upload to a staging area, a module to hold that data - would be good if they could just upload a file… Then have the actual import run on a schedule, taking data from the staging area…

  • @DeveloperCYT

    You could use a Data Write action from the UX, but there are two significant downsides:

    • You can't embed this into a process, so it would be two clicks (click the process, then click the data write action)
    • The data written is not a timestamp but rather a date, so you don't know when it was last run within the day.

    I did find this in Ideas Exchange, but this still doesn't get you home with a true Timestamp.

    What about having Cloudworks run on a schedule that sets a boolean to true which then "turns on" the ability to run the process? The last step of the process would be to set the boolean to false, which will turn off the ability to run the process until CloudWorks sets it back?


  • The current process does run data from a file into a holding module, which is then released by planning into the supply chain orders module, so it is already streamlined, although i may look at reducing the columns etc to make it as agile as I can. The Cloudworks idea is a possible solution, but sometimes we have urgent orders for big customers that they wish to be rushed through immediately (we are fmcg) so we would need 2 separate processes for 'usual' order and 'special' but its an idea, and recording the time is also an option I can look at. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas, much appreciated.