Ability to Add Data Write Action to Existing Process


1. It would be really a game changer if we are able to add Data Write Actions to the existing processes, It would not only scale up the usage of the Data Write Action but also would save a lot of time and effort and would save us from creating multiple saved views and actions. 

2. Currently, Data Write actions can only update one cell at a time, which limits its usage, but if we get an ability to use it for multiple cells, based on a Boolean it would really help specially in cases like approval workflows and similar setups.

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  • AlistairWalls
    edited November 2022

    Completely agree with this - I'd also add that it would be great if we could combine any of the UX actions with each other and with processes.  For example using a Form action to create a record and using multiple Data Write actions to capture the User and the Time and Date.  

    I'm sure there are many other uses cases that we could simplify through the use of combined UX and System actions to great effect. 

  • ipekkirali
    edited November 2022

    Being able to combine forms with other import actions will also save so much development effort or save users from clicking two buttons - one for the form and one for the subsequent actions.

  • Yes combining actions like data write, forms and notifications into processes would greatly help us bring more people onboard.

    Process imports + data write + notifications would allow for instance to import data, set a flag to done and send notifications to the list of corresponding users.

  • AmyX

    I don't know why the vote count went down by 1 when I clicked vote. So writing my comments here.

    This is a critical enhancement. Similarly, we have approval flow which requires date stamp when users created a ticket. When we use a form to allow users to create ticket, this submit click doesn't trigger any other actions. The only way to have a date snapshot is by import but asking users to click another thing after submit is not user friendly at all.

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