New Data collection in planIQ if the horizon is updated?


If the horizon for a data collection is changed, is it needed to:

  • re-run the data assembly?
  • retrain the forecast model?
  • Or create a new data collection?



  • seymatas1

    A forecast horizon is the length of time for which forecasts are generated. While there isn't a specific concept of a "forecast horizon" within data collection itself, changes to the amount of historical data, related data, or attribute data can impact the forecast horizon of a model.

    For example, if you are using the Anaplan Prophet algorithm with 12 months of historical data, your forecast horizon might be 6 months. If you increase your historical data to 24 months, your forecast horizon is 12 months.

    In such a case, you would need to first "rerun data assembly" and then retrain the forecast model.