Error Line item for Assignees in Group Task for Workflow


Hi All,

I've been working in Anaplan Workflow, when it comes to group task I am facing with a challenge. I chose a line-item driven assignee method in the Group Task, but I was not able to assign the particular line item for assignees.

The error showing in the line item for assignees: "There are no valid line items. Configure the module or select another module." I have already created a module and has kept the line item to be a list formatted one, but it still shows error.

Please let me know your inputs.



  • joannroberts
    edited March 11

    Hello @ geometry dash scratch, you can check that the line item you are trying to assign is formatted as a list-formatted line item. This is important because only list-formatted line items can be used as assignees in Group Tasks.

  • You'll also need to make sure that the list-formatted line item is formatted with the User list. See below for example:


    Thank you for your insights, that sorted it out.