UX: Visibility for Model Builders/Page Builders on what actions/processes cause Model to be Busy

I am aware that Anaplan Product UX team has taken a decision, based on very strong insistence from a number of customers, not to display the names of users who have triggered some action (data entry, import/export, process, etc) in such way that all other users see "Model is busy due to <name> <name> triggering action X".

However, could the product team enhance the platform such that Page Builders and/or Model Builders could see what action is causing this "Model is Busy". There are a number of ways to accomplish this: like showing a process or action ID, or in some backend screen that only Page Builders / Model Builders can see, or other approach that Product deems best.

Anaplan customers want to optimize their users' experience, and they need some indication about the source of such Model Busy in order to accomplish this.

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