pulling data from one module to another for a particular period.


Hello Folks, I have a question regarding pulling data from one module to another for a particular period.

Please find the details here:

Source Module Lists: Time FY22 - FY25 (Months), Custom versions and Products

Target Module Lists: Time FY22 - FY25(Quarters), Custom Versions and Products.

The issue here is, I have 8 items in version dimension. I want to check 2 versions, If they are true then I need to fetch data only for FY24 (should be dynamic based on current year boolean) only for those 2 versions and rest all others we fetch data for all periods.

I created 2 line items "Current Year?" is to check the Current year and "Current Year" (format:Time.Quarters) is to get the parent of the month.

After this I wrote a formula in the target module:

SYS Simulation.'Simulation?' AND 'SYS01: Time Setting (Month)'.Current Year?
'SourceModule'.Lineitem[LOOKUP: SYS scenario.Mapping, SUM: 'SYS01: Time Setting'.Current Year,  SUM: 'SYS Product'.'L4 mapping']
ITEM(Time) < 'SYS: Time '.Planning Quarter    
'Source Module'.Units Adjust[LOOKUP: 'Sys Scenario'.Actuals, SUM: 'SYS Product'.'L4 mapping']    
'Different Module'.Line item[SUM: 'Time'.Real time mapping Qtr, SUM: 'SYS Product'.'L4 mapping'].

All the logic is fine, But in the first IF, THEN condition when I am using SUM for SYS01: Time Setting'.Current Year I am getting error and when I use Lookup It is fetching for all periods.

Is there any solution for this without creating any new module or line items in the source and target modules

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  • SriNitya
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    My understanding is for 2 versions you need to fetch only FY24 data and for rest 6 versions (FY22 - FY24), hope this is same as yours. if this is the case I am able to fetch values.
    Create 2 boolean line items →

    Current Period Boolean - true for FY24

    Source Module → Monthly (FY22 -24),Products ,Versions
    In Target Module → Quaterly, Products ,Versions
    V1,V2 data in FY 24 and rest versions data in all periods.
    For First if case Formula → IF Version Settings.'V1, V2 True' AND Time Settings. Current Year THEN Data. line item ELSE IF Version Settings. Rest Versions THEN Data. line item ELSE your other scenario case.
    No need to use -SUM: 'SYS01: Time Setting'. Current Year

    Let me know if this helps for you.

  • SriNitya
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    @Ajaykumar08ns for all the grids in context field select context location as bottom and then do the required context selection, you can set off for show on card as well hope this will work in you scenario give it a try for all the grids.


  • SriNitya
    edited February 22

    I think first if condition SUM with respect to time period is not required.
    Month data(Source) will roll up Quarter(Target) so no need to use sum. In your Current period boolean enable summary methods to Any so data roll up with Time will work and in Source module enable quarter totals also.
    Give it a try. Hope this works

  • Hello @SriNitya, Thanks for your quick response.

    I have enabled Summary to "Any" to "Current Period" Boolean line item. But it is still fetching data for all periods.

    Requirement is I have data in source for all periods (FY22- FY24). But in target, for the above said 2 scenarios I have to fetch data only for FY24 not for all periods.

  • Thank You @SriNitya, It's working for me.

  • I have one more question. Could you please help me with that.

    I have a module where i have all the line items as shown in the screenshot. Also I have a product dimension which I have it in a context selector. Now, I should turn off the context selector and in the first grid i should show only data related to Commercial and in the second grid I should should show Only consumer data, likewise same for other 2 grids as well. But now even though I turn off the context selector and I select respective product when publishing the grid, It's still showing only one product data in all the grids.

    Is there anyway that I can do this. Thank you very much in advance.

  • SriNitya

    Create a filter like based on selection the boolean should become true and apply it as filter to all modules as in your screenshot. hope it helps

  • Hello @SriNitya, I don't want to give an option to select the product to users. I will hide the product list from the context selector. When I am building the grid itself I have to select a particular product for that grid and publish and users should see only that particular product data for that particular grid.

  • SriNitya

    @Ajaykumar08ns by select show/hide for grid card you can select specific product and publish it, it works.
    can try this and let me know if it helps.

  • But this will allow to select only one product for all the grids. But I want to select one product for each grid without having an option to select products in context selector.

    For ex: in the grid 1 I should show data of commercial and in the second grid I should show data of consumer data. Which means i should freeze data of particular product in each of the grid.

  • Thank You very much for you kind help @SriNitya. Solution you gave was working for me.