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We can create multiple revision tags in the dev model for specific changes & while performing sync with PROD, these revision tags gets highlighted, however if I select the latest revision tag "add6" - all changes incl. changes specified under "add4" also gets updated.

I believe revision tags works cumulatively, if that is the case, then what is the use of creating multiple revision tags if we can't deploy it respectively as per requirement.

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  • rob_marshall


    To answer your last question, no a revision is a "snapshot" of the model at that time so it is all-encompassing of the model. Think of it as when you are building, you don't build a module first and then add the list. Now, when the model is syncing, it is taking all of this into account and will build the list first, then the module.

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  • @CommunityMember111277

    You are correct in that revisions are cumulative, but that doesn't mean you have to always sync the latest one. In your example, if add6 and add4 haven't already been synced, then you could select add4 to sync in case add6 isn't ready.

  • @rob_marshall I agree that we can always select add4 instead of add6, if add6 isn't ready yet. However, my question was a bit different -

    In my case, I want to sync add6 instead of add4 first because I want to migrate the changes for add6 first. However, it seems while syncing add6, changes relevant to add6 along with add4 is getting migrated. Also, if I sync add6, I don't get to see add4 anymore while compare & sync.

    I'm aware of the Back to the Future concept, however its very delicate process especially if multiple changes are happening & respective tags are being created. Are there any other way to migrate these changes without overlapping it (ex. add6 overlapping add4, even though add4 is not synced yet).