How I Built It: Refreshing current date in an Anaplan model using Cloudworks

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Author: Sai Bandaru is a Certified Master Anaplanner with six years of experience architecting Anaplan models.

Hello Anaplanners! In today's fast-paced business environment, having accurate and up-to-date information is crucial for making informed decisions. In this ‘How I Built It’ tutorial, I'll explore a practical and efficient way to refresh the current date in your Anaplan model using Cloudworks.

How to refresh the current date with Cloudworks

Follow along in the video as we walk through the step-by-step process of using Cloudworks to refresh the current date in your Anaplan model. Whether you're a seasoned Anaplan user or just getting started, this tutorial will provide valuable insights into streamlining your workflow and keeping your models dynamically linked to real-time information.

Key benefits

  1. Real-time decision making: keeping the current date updated ensures that your models reflect the most recent business context, allowing for more accurate and timely decision-making.
  2. Automation for efficiency: Cloudworks simplifies the process, automating the refresh of the current date, saving you time and reducing manual effort.
  3. Improved model accuracy: by regularly updating the current date, you can enhance the accuracy of your forecasts, budgets, and plans, leading to more reliable insights.


In conclusion, mastering the art of refreshing the current date in your Anaplan model with Cloudworks is a valuable skill that can significantly impact the effectiveness of your planning and analysis processes.

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  • Looking good @saibandaru - glad to see this!! Miss our RL time together.

  • Fedegri

    Very Useful🤩

  • Hayk

    @wolframarnab you are right, it's better to have a backup process, which runs on a different schedule and corrects the main one if it failed for some reason. This may happen during maintenance or outage, but with backup I think there was no any fail in our case for more than a year now.

  • Very nice! Still a work-around. A nice function would be Today(Timezone)