Users native list to have a list subset for logged on users

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Now that the Users list supports subsets. I would like to have an option to have the ability to have a users subsets list based on logged on users.

Background: Most modules with users dimensions are used to support personalised reporting filters. In general, if users are not logged on these modules should not include the user in the subset list. This would help reduce the size of models

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  • stephen378
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    One workaround is to create a custom user list within Anaplan and define as many subsets as required. You can then use this list to dimension your modules and filters, instead of the default Users list. This way, you can control which users are included in the subset and exclude the ones who are not logged on.

    Another workaround is to use a tool called Superset, which is a data exploration and visualization platform. Superset allows you to create user list subsets based on LDAP/OAUTH groups, and synchronize them at login. You can then use these subsets to filter your dashboards and charts, and only show the relevant data to the logged on users Favorite dog accessories

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