Date Import not working


Hi All,

Need some quick help

I want to import a date from 1 module to another module using Import action, however I'm error as "Invalid date"

Module 1 - 1 line item (date1) | date format> currentperiodstart()

Module 2 - 1 line item (date 2) | date format

Now, when I'm trying to import date from module 1 into module 2, I'm using column line item as shown below

however, there is an error

Can anyone confirm what I'm doing wrong



Best Answer


  • @CommunityMember111277

    Try selecting the Custom Mapping boolean on the right.

  • @rob_marshall I tried that option including all mapping options (with separators, fixed positions patterns etc.), but nothing seems to work.

  • @CommunityMember111277

    Crazy question, but is the source module in the same model as the target? If so, why not use a formula to get the start date?

  • Dikshant

    Do you have a dimension in the source and target modules? Usually, to import something, you need to have a dimension. We cannot import a module with no dimension as source, so we need a list with dummy item in both source and target. Also can you share the screenshot of mappings tab?

  • @Dikshant The idea was to check whether it can work without any dimensions. I wanted to use it as reference for other modules. I know formula will work, however just wanted to check if it can work wit Import actions w/o any dimensions.


  • Dikshant

    Once you get the data into the module with a dimension, you can then fetch it into a module using a lookup formula from that specific list item. But yes, we cannot import into modules with no dimensions, so this is the workaround.