How to apply different logic for parent and child in non composite list


I have a module with countries and time in the page selector and products in row and line items in column. I need to calculate the CM% for my products but calculation should only applicable for (L1 and L2-b). formula will be Rev/CM.

I have created the logic with lookup, but that logic is applying only to L2-b and its not applied to L1 as it is a parent item. Is there any way that I can calculate my % to L1.

Please share your thoughts.

Thank You Very Much In Advance!!


  • Panji


    You can use formula REV/CM and for the summary method you need change to formula

  • Hello Panji,

    The issue here is, I can't apply summary because if I apply summary it will be applied to all summary items (Total, L1, L2 and L2-a). But users want to see value only at L1 which is why I am using a conditional logic, but logic is not working to L1 as it is a parent.

  • PujithaB

    @Ajaykumar08ns , when you enable summary for any lineitem, it will be enabled for all the levels of particular list. We cannot display value for one Summary Level only.

    Alternate Workaround would be we can Create another Module with L1 as dimension and publish a new grid for the One Level of Hierarchy to Show Summary

    So, There will be two Grids
    First one would be Child Grid without any Hierarchy
    Second Grid Would Be L1 parent of Child items and enable these two grids with synchronization.

  • SriNitya

    Already you have calculated L2-b it is fine, for parent and child we cannot calculated in single line item
    For L1-
    Create 2 line items with L1 (only parent as dimension) then fetch REV &CM data
    in another line item calculate CM% by setting ratio L1 REV / L1 CM then for the L2-b refer from the other line item(make sure summary is none) where you have already calculated and your job is done.

    Hope it helps