Done with L1 and L2. What next?


Hello Anaplanners!

I recently completed my L2 certification for Anaplan. Unlike L1 and L2, there are no courses in the Anaplan Learning Center for starting or enrolling in L3 certification course. Can anyone let me know the next steps towards getting an L3 certification and an eventual Certified Anaplan Model Builder certification?

Thank you!

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  • SriNitya
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    Prerequisites for Level 3 - Before beginning the Level 3 Model Building training program, it is highly recommended that you have: 

    • Successfully completed Level 1 Model Building training AND
    • Successfully completed Level 2 Model Building training AND
    • A minimum of 9-12 months of hands-on Anaplan project experience AND
    • Proficiency in the use of Anaplan functions in formulas (SUM, LOOKUP, etc.) AND
    • Experience troubleshooting Anaplan data import errors and formula syntax errors AND
    • Self-initiative to search available resources to solve problems 


  • PujithaB

    Hi @Vaib04

    As mentioned, After Completing L1 and L2, try to gain hands on Experience on different use case to familiarize with basic Anaplan Functions

  • Dikshant

    You can do the NUX course, Polaris, Geo Card Mapping, Workflow, Plan IQ, and Cloud works.