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As a WSA, If i need to delete some 200 users from 1000 users list. I can upload the file with users list list for deletion and delete only those users available in the uploaded file.


  1. Each users have unique id assigned internally, we refer the unique id and delete the particular users by mapping internally.
  2. Give two options 1)Either change to No access 2) Delete user from Workspace
  3. display message as deletion of 200 users successful/Error message if any issues.
  4. Task completed


Selecting some 200 users out of 1000 active users list for deletion will be time consuming task.

Less time consuming and helpful for some companies where the departments/group of people change frequently.

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  • PujithaB

    Hi @ibg1989

    I understand selecting 200 Users is a time consuming task,
    Even Anaplan cannot identify them. We need to provide some condition to identify them.
    But what is the idea you are suggesting?

  • ibg1989

    Hello @PujithaB

    Anaplan can identify the users with its unique user id "user":{"id.

    This user id can fetched on{userId} \ through API.

    The same unique id i have mentioned in step1 in the above solution.

    Hope this answers your question.

  • PujithaB

    @ibg1989 , Thanks for the clarification

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