Not able to launch a process in UAT environnement


Hello you all.

I have a problem, when I put a process on a dashboard, I can run it as long as I am on the Dev environnement. ( I have full access and am a Workspace administrator ).

When I switch to UAT environnement, I cannot run the process anymore. Even more, I am able to run the 4 actions separated but not the process ( which contain the same 4 actions that I can launch one by one ).

Any idea ?

My lists are production data.


  • PujithaB


    This looks strange. If you are able to run the actions individually, you should be able to run it individually.
    Please check While publishing to dashboard, if you have placed any driver line item for that process

  • 1636583
    edited March 14

    I suggest you to create that process again, and try to publish it. Sometimes Anaplan behaves weird 😃

  • @Neeraja66 Thank you for your answer.
    I just didn't sync the UAT model after I created my process…

    It happens sometime !