Extend Audit log retention period from 30 days to 1 year for SOX audit


SOX requirement to retain system audit logs for minimum period of 1 year. Currently Anaplan only retain the logs for 30 days which makes the system non-SOX compliant. Hence it would be good if Anaplan is able to extend this retention period.

Also it would be good if we can filter the audit log report so that we can lookup for specific records required by system auditors such as when the user was created, disabled etc.

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  • Anaplan retains logs based on SPACE and not TIME. The logs get however much space (not sure the number) and then are overwritten oldest to newest. Therefore, if your models' change logs are only valid for about a month then that means you have a LOT of daily transactions taking up space and then overwriting the oldest ones pretty quickly.

    You might ask your auditors for agreement on a policy that would permit regular system-scheduled export of the history logs directly to a database for archive. This would likely satisfy the requirement. Now that AnaplanConnect and the Anaplan API can write directly to relational databases, this is fairly easily achievable.

    Good luck!


  • @Stacey_Gibbens : that s interesting. Where can we find information about anaplan api being able to write directly into a database ? This is something completely new that opens a lot of opportunities for interactions between anaplan and other non anaplan applications !

  • @david.savarin I haven't used this myself, but learned it from a recent community thread. There are several actually! Here's a link to the documentation download location.


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