Smaller Time Range | Less than a year Time Range | Day granularity



I would like to have a time range in a granularity for less than a year. Somewhere between a month or a Quarter.

We have a business requirement where we have to import and export working hours for each user per project per DAY. This activity will be monthly and may not be necessary to have more than a month, we can however plan to keep a month prior and after as back up data but its more good to have than an actual requirement.

Time ranges being minimum for a year will create a sparsity for the months we do not want to see for now.

Anyone with any previous experience, suggestions or workaround ?

I have tried creating a fake list that captures the month: using logic shared in this however, I'm hitting roadblocks when it comes to importing data into the fake time, as described in this question:

Any suggestions or workaround would be appreciated in this.

Thank you


  • PujithaB

    Hi @Sachinsourav02
    Try to create fake time list using Native Time , Then it will be helpful in terms of rollover and switching FY
    Create a Sys Module with Native Time
    Create an option to have how months of days required then you can create accordingly.
    This will help you to manage mapping with Native time to Fake time list and can be used for Lookups in User data mappings.

  • Dikshant

    The date that users are entering has to be in the same format. Let's say it should be 20240319, so that once you load it, the format should be the same. Would it be possible for you to share Anaplan screenshots and show how your file looks, and when you load it in Anaplan, what's the challenge?