End date that should be a working day only

We want to get the End date but it should only fall on the weekday, 
we have tried other workarounds but it didn't work as intended. 

See screenshots fyr.

END DATE (working days only) = START DATE + Duration Days

we also have a module to count the weekends and holidays

so to get the END DATE (working days only)

END DATE (working days only) = START DATE + Duration Days + Weekend Count

If you have an idea or other workarounds, please comment below, that would be of big help.



Thank you.



  • @Tin I think you're on the right track but its not entirely clear what you're trying to accomplish. You will always have an end date on a weekday if you set the calendar that way. Each model, however, can only have one day for the end of the week, e.g. Friday.

    Or, are you trying to count up the workdays during a month?

    Regardless of your use case, my suggestion would be to create a system module for your weekly calendar, whether its the default calendar or for the time range. In that system module create a set of line items that check if the end date falls on the weekend or the holiday. Use a simple conditional (IF/THEN) to recalculate the end date based on your finding. Looks like you have all the checks set up, so this should be simple.

    If you're not getting the result you're looking for, can you articulate more clearly what constitutes success? Let's get you to the finish line!


  • Tin
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    We want to get the end date, when we add the duration days it should only count the working days. for example, the project started on


    the end date should be (which is the 20th day of duration, starting the count from 3/4/2024)


    as you can see in the first screenshot, the first 3 items are correct but the next items are incorrect.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.


  • JaredDolich
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    Got it. There is no simple, one function, that will solve this use case. We have to create a lookup table that adds the weekend count to the duration in order to get the end date. Let's start with what we know.

    First, we know the begin day and the duration. Based on that knowledge we can create this chart:

    So, if you're determined to use a calendar for this, we'll need to create this lookup grid that adds or removes weekend dates based on the start date.

    Let's test this. 1/8/2020 is a Wednesday. Lets create a 20 day project and a 24 day project. We get the right results.

    Using you're example of 3/6/2024 and 20 days we get 4/2/2024 which is correct. For testing, I also tried 24 day project with 3/6/2024 and got the right answer.

    You got this!