How to move free space between workspaces


My dev and prod models reside in a superset workspace and I need to move , let’s say 5GB of space from dev workspace to prod. Is it possible, Is so what’s the procedure


  • Send an email to your business partner and they should be able to submit a request to re-provision your space.

  • Dikshant

    I guess you need to sign up for Hyper Model, and then only you can extend the size of the model beyond 130 GB. you can move spaces till 130 GB only if your company are not under hyper model contract.

  • Yehya123

    Thanks Dikshant.

    So just to clarify I’m not talking about extending the workspace size over 130 gb. It’s just reallocating free space from one workspace to another . This wouldn’t be a problem as long as the workspace size doesn’t exceed 130 GB after reallocating the space . Right?

  • SriNitya

    Reallocating free space from one workspace to another is not an issue follow as mentioned by jasonblinn