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Was anyone aware of the changes being made to the log-in process & what is behind the need to change?

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  • Tiffany.Rice
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    I think the intent was to make the log-on experience more intuitive for those who use Single-Sign On.


  • niti

    No, we were caught off guard as well. I didn't see anything in the release notes or get any direct comms about this.

  • SriNitya

    Yes, there is change in Anaplan login process.
    On the login screen, you can enter your Anaplan account email address, and then Anaplan detects your login method. Not sure about the reason behind the change.

  • It also gives more SSO options I think.

    What do folk think of the change?

  • I had received an email from "Anaplan Product Operations" on 2/22/2024 with the following information:

    In March 2024, we’ll be launching a new pre-login experience that'll give our users a single location for authentication. This new login page will support all authentication flows for Anaplan including SAML SSO and basic authentication.

    The login URL will remain, and the new pre-login page will be reached using Anaplan-Login, keeping the same path in place to not disrupt the user experience.

    What’s changing?

    We are adding a pre-login page to the current authentication experience.

    You won’t need to take any action. You'll be able to access Anaplan as usual, including any bookmarked login page URLs you may have.

    Check out this video for a preview of what the new pre-login page will look like.

    Best regards,
    Chief Technology Officer

  • @Tiffany.Rice thanks for the info - it does make sense for SSO users, out of interest what proportion of the eco system uses SSO currently?

  • @TimWard70 - great question, I can't speak to continuum of Anaplan users but in my experience SSO is standard for large scale implementations. It serves two critical purposes, first making the user experience more seamless (no password management), second and more importantly it reinforces your company security protocols by preventing access to any user who is no longer part of the active directory. Or as I like to think of it, SSO makes sure the call is coming from inside the house. 😄

    Someone on the Anaplan side might be able to provide some stats on the % of users who leverage SSO vs. basic authentication. That would certainly be an interesting data point.

  • adamsjk

    FYI, This was confusing for end users because it does not state "SSO" or Single Sign on, just the name our Connection name. Most end users are not familiar with IT lingo.

  • Yehya123

    I don't know if these issues are related but the end-users in my organisation are logged out relatively sooner than earlier if they switch to other tabs,programs. Has the session-timeout period reduced as part of this security update.

  • YDG

    Also now seem to need to re-login regularly via SSO when previously Anaplan would remain logged in if authenticated via SSO.

  • CQuonoey
    edited April 10

    We have been able to solve the regular re-login prompts (as an SSO user) by following these steps:

    When you see that (re) log-in screen, if the user enters their email address and clicks on "Remember my email and login method", click on "Continue", then click on your SSO login method at the prompt.

    This seems to have stopped the regular re-login prompts.

  • TimWard70

    I too have noticed a shorter timeout today
    Also the "remember my choice"s seems to reset to not remembering a lot of the time

  • Same here: the "remember my choice" doesn't seem to last long, and we have to log-in multiple times a week.