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I am trying to learn and understand how optimizer works in Anaplan and need some assistance in overcoming a roadblock. I am going over a practice problem that I have created in excel and am having difficulties with one of the constraints.

The Problem: Without getting to into the weeds this practice problem is about making three products (Wine, Juice, Jelly) with 5 different grape grades (scale 1-5 where 5 means excellent). Objective function is to maximize profit with the constraint each grade only has so many lbs. of grapes available and the rating of the products have to be within a threshold. The Variable is how many lbs. of grapes to use for each grade and product. I will share pictures below.

Solved Problem in excel:

Blue: given information

Green: Constraints

Yellow: Objective function

Purple: Variable

Solver Parameters:

Excel with Formula text:

The Issue:

The Only issue that I am running into is the constraint of Current Rating >= Required Total Rating. The error I recieve "The Constraint 'Rating CON check?' is invalid. It should be of the form Ax >= B, not Ax >= Bx.
Change your formula so that only one side of the Constraint is dependent on variables."

My Question:

So is a problem like this not possible to solve in optimizer because of the restraints is Ax >= Bx? Since, I have the solution in excel I can copy and paste the current rating so that it is A >= Bx and optimizer solves that, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Is there any work around to find a solution? Thanks


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  • Hi Mate,

    You need to check if the Ax and Bx line items are in the same module of constraint. Also 'x' referenced should be from the same variable line item (Variable module) for both Ax and Bx. This should work after that.