Allow Time Ranges shorter than a year to be created


Time ranges are a useful feature in Anaplan which can often help to reduce sparsity by allowing modellers to create modules just covering the time ranges needed. However, they are currently limited to being a minimum of 1 year long.

We are seeing customer use cases which could benefit from being able to have much more control over the length of the time range i.e. allowing a time range to be created which might only be a month long for example or any length.

Giving more control over the length of time ranges would allow them to be used for use cases such as this and help reduce sparsity/complex fake time with subset workarounds.

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  • This would be a great addition, so many functionalities which requires a monthly/quarterly planning can benefit from this and existing minimum Time Range, which is one year, presents a significant constraint, particularly in terms of system sparsity. A big thumbs up

  • This feature will be game changer.

  • Shorter time range feature would be really beneficial for functionalities or business process to keep simple model building structure and business planning either at month level or quarterly level.

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