Issues with CloudWorks Integration


we have been facing issues with CloudWorks integrations from couple of days. Below are some of the observations:

  1. When a integration runs on CloudWorks on one of the model, the whole workspace gets stuck.
  2. Integrations are failing with no error logs.
  3. Getting notifications about the integrations failing but those actully don’t exist.
  4. Getting - “failed because of server error.

Anyone facing same issue or have faced in the past. Please suggest solutions



  • Dikshant

    Point #1 is expected, as if an integration runs, the model blocked for that time, and no one will be able to make any changes in any model in the workspace.

    Point #2 - Can you try running those actions manually and see what is the actual failure in Anaplan?

    Can you provide more details on Point #3 and #4?

  • Yes, the model in which the integrations is running is expected to be blocked but other models in the workspace are also blocking at that time which is strange.

    The Server error is something which is coming up when the integrations run with out any details.

    Tried running the action from the model manually, with that also whole workspace is going for a toss.’’

  • Dikshant

    I think integration blocks the whole workspace and not the single model, and server errors may occur if multiple jobs are expected to run at the same time, and Cloud Works is not able to run them. A possible solution could be to document the frequency of all jobs and try to schedule them in a way that no two jobs run at a same time.

  • These integrations are running from almost 2 years now and we’ve never faced this issue of whole workspace blocking. The other models were accessible when the jobs use to run. And no two jobs are at same time.

  • Dikshant

    Raise the case with Anaplan Support i would say, this seems to be strange as per the details you mentioned and it should not happen. Support team can review and provide you more details.

  • Following up with the support team for 5 days now but not getting any proper solution or guidance from them unfortunately.

  • Dikshant

    I would say get in touch with your organization's Anaplan Business Partner to get the response quickly.

  • @shekhargite13 We have been having identical issues to the ones you listed off in this post, most notably integrations that fail in the model but say "success" in Cloudworks. "Failed because of server error" is a daily occurrence for us and is a completely unhelpful error message. We contacted Anaplan support a couple months ago, but they haven't been able to pin down the issue or provide any helpful guidance for what we could alter.

    Our entire workspace gets stuck for multiple hours while Cloudworks processes fail. We've also only experienced these issues in the past couple months, and they seem to be getting more frequent and worse in severity (also worth noting that we also have been using these same integrations for a year without issue).

    Please keep us posted if you hear of anything, but it definitely sounds like Cloudworks is struggling to keep up with the number of customers utilizing it.

  • @shekhargite13 Also worth noting @Dikshant's comment about contacting your Anaplan Business Partner. They can hopefully get you directly to L3 support. L1 (i.e. is ineffective for anything beyond the most basic of issues.