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Super excited about User Subsets. However, we will need the ability to import into the user subset to make it useful. Another potential workaround would be the ability to use roles to auto populate the subset.

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  • Dikshant

    Agreed, getting role via formula, or a default property which shows roles by default, would be great along with populate subsets via import action. This would help us automate a lot of stuff.

  • @smeeki : You can already populate subsets with import actions.

    Is this disabled for the new users list / subsets feature ?

    Subsets in general would greatly benefit from being managed through formulas though !

    Please consider upvoting the ideas around dynamic formulas subsets

  • Dikshant
    edited April 4

    @david.savarin - There is no import option in the new user list, so subsets can only maintained manually for now.

  • @Dikshant Whoa. That is disappointing to say the least :/

    So users subsets management is for manual interventions from eworkspace admins only.

    Cannot see how it can be used at enterprise level scale.

    All the more reason to have the subsets managements with formulas feature

  • Dikshant

    @david.savarin - Yep, agreed.

    For short term, having an import option in list would make it scalable.

    And for long term, it's better we have roles in the list property, where role comes up automatically, makes it fully automated.

    Selective access via formula is cherry on top, but we can't expect too much, so above two things will do most of the work 🙂

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