Compare two lines items from different modules



This is my problem.

I have a line item A in one module dimensioned by "Depense" list.
And I have the line item B in another module dimensioned by "Achat" list.

I want to compare if A = B then the item of the list Achat become the parent of the item of the list Depense.

I cannot pull any finditem.

Is there a way to do it ?



  • Dikshant

    you need to establish the mapping b/w both lists in order to compare it…

  • @SofianeLz Does both of your list "Depense" and  "Achat" having any relation? if not you have to meet the relation mapping between two as per your requirement.

  • SofianeLz

    @Dikshant @jagadishdash
    Thanks for the answers, indeed I need a mapping between them, but its hard to find any item in common between them, gonna look deeper

  • Dikshant

    Oh may be I got your question now, you need to flag the items which are common in both list?

    Create a module and apply both lists as a dimension. Then create a Boolean and a formula to compare the codes or names of both the lists.

    NAME(ITEM(Achat)) = NAME(ITEM(Depense)) if both are flat list

    CODE(ITEM(Achat)) = CODE(ITEM(Depense)) if both are numbered list

    let me know if this is what you're looking for?

  • Above Dishkant's suggestions will work to create a mapping between two list with taking the both dimension.

    If that doesn't works, let us know the exactly what you're facing if possible with screenshots.