Percentage Format issue on UX page



I have a module with PV(dimension) Filters as dimension and I am displaying the Value line item on UX which is same as the Module dimension. But the Value line item is getting the data from other line item Actual vs Scenario 1 % which has ss_Actual vs Scenario 1% (dimension) - Which is a subset of PV filters dimension


We have to keep like this in order to make the UX page Grid columns dynamic. So Dimensions Can't be matched.


Since the dimension is not matched, we are using ' Formula' Summary on that Actual vs Scenario1% line item. Because of the dimension mismatch, even though the Number format is formatted as 'percentage'. It is only showing as Numbers

Expected result: -50.69%

Obtained result: (1)


  • Dikshant

    So your issue is the format, it's not showing percentages? Or the issue is with the calculated values as well…

    This is showing numbers at the parent level only ?

    In your target module can you set the format as percentage?

  • Hi Dikshant, Thanks for replying.

    1. Yes, my issue is with the format only.
    2. Yes, This is showing only numbers at the parent level even though it is formatted as percentage. I understand this may be due to the ' Formula' Summary as I mentioned earlier.

    I have already set the target module line item as percentage format, still there's an issue!

    Please help me with a solution for this issue

  • Dikshant

    Can you show some screenshots of your source and target modules? It shows percentage to me in my model after changing the formula to summary as well.

    Does your source and target dimensions are exactly same and your formula is a direct reference?

    Do you have percentage set in source module as well along with summary enabled?

    Percentage is setup up in both line items.

    Can you show on same lines how your calculation is happening and show both grid and blueprint modes.