Highlight More Clearly Selected Rows/Columns Syncing Between Cards


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  • Dikshant

    Can you provide more details on how exactly this should work? For now I guess we can show labels, and have the flexibility to set context location as top or bottom with different colors.

  • Current Setup: Have context labels at top already, but some individuals like the blue highlight in the higher-level grid on top. However, some of those same users have a hard time seeing the blue line. Provided view of blue highlighting that can be seen when interacting with both row and column dimensions.

    Option 1: Thicker outline, with example below only showing how would view from columns (synced below chart to view only Unrestricted Funds list item in Funds dimension)

    Option 2: Ability to have grid highlight on selected/clicked cells of dimensions, with example below only showing how would view from rows (synced below chart to view only children of 25XXX list item in Class dimension)

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