Dimension limitation while creating exports from Anaplan Cloudworks


I am trying to create an export via Anaplan Coudworks to azure blob. File generated at azure container is blank if I am keeping one dimension(list) in row and the other in column while creating the export. I created another export which had all the dimensions in rows and only line items in columns, export generated for this view was fine in azure.

Is there any limitation while creating exports with multiple dimensions with the help of cloudworks?



  • does the export action generate valid file if you click it from your actions tab and do you have selective access set in model?

  • js185656

    yes it does @pyrypeura

  • Have you set the selective accesses for the cloudworks user?

  • js185656

    The list applied in the dimension on the module for export does not have selective access enabled but its parent has selective access. I have given write access on top level of the parent to INTERNAL(Full Access).

    1. In this case export file generated is correct at azure blob container.

    2. In the second case export is not getting generated.

    3. If I change the dimension's pivot, export generated via cloudworks to azure is correct.

    @pyrypeura , please let me know if this explanation helps