Challenges with Continuing to Use Version 1.3 API in Power Automate Custom Connectors


I'm currently using Version 1.3 of the API in Power Automate Custom Connectors, but our Anaplan systems have been upgraded to Version 2.0. I have a few concerns and I’m hoping to get some insights from this community:

  1. Compatibility and Functionality: Are there any known issues with maintaining the older API version in terms of compatibility or limitations in functionality that could affect our workflows?
  2. Security Concerns: Is there a higher risk of facing security vulnerabilities by continuing to use an outdated API version that might no longer be supported with updates or security patches?
  3. Support Lifecycle: Does anyone know if there's an anticipated end-of-life date for Version 1.3 of the API? Understanding this would be crucial for our migration planning.

Any guidance or resources you could share would be incredibly helpful as I navigate these concerns.