Users Specific Data and Users List Deletion Retrieval Process


Problem: I have a user specific dashboard that contains the planning numbers for each user and the corresponding User ID(Users List applied) with it and each user has multiple lines corresponding to them but somehow mistakenly I deleted all the users from the Users Tab in Production Environment. Now the line item which was having User dimension applied(User ID line item) would be blank as users are no longer present in the system and this would cause a problem and will be difficult to identify which planning input lines belongs to which user?

Note - In this case, reverting the model will not help because reverting a model does not have any impact on User addition or User deletion.

Solution: The only way to identify which planning input lines belongs to which user is only through the Users List Backup Option.

If you have backup of users list with you then:

  • Import the backup users list in the current production model where all the planning input lines corresponding to each user is present.
  • Now since you have the Users back into the system, revert the model to the state which it was there before the actual User's deletion happened.
  • After this, you can go back to your User specific dashboard and can see your planning numbers along with your mapped User ID.

Let me know in case of any help or suggestions.

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