How does one safeguard against losing data with changing current fiscal years


I would like to use the out of the box TIME dimension/logic. However, I do have concerns about losing data if a fellow model builder inadvertenly changes the current fiscal year. How have others handled this situation? We have considered building exports to backup these modules every night and store the data outside of ANAPLAN. But that seems inefficient. Thoughts?


  • @bolinl1

    I am not sure that is a big concern because before it applies it (changing the fiscal year), the system asks are you sure. And, even if they do still change it, you can use the history and restore the data back to where it was before the change. Lastly, if you are using ALM, model builders will not be able to change the structural data in the Production model, only in the Dev model.

  • Dikshant

    @bolinl1 - If a model builder updates the current FY, it will be applied only for Dev models when you do the ALM sync, you can make sure to review the comparison Report and check if Model calendar is intact to ensure there is no production data loss.