Copy paste formula from excel into Anaplan blueprint


Hi Anaplan community,

I wanted to make a quick fix to existing formula in my Anaplan blueprint view, so I exported my blueprint view to Excel, used the find&replace functionality in excel to update all my formula at once, and then I wanted to paste back my formula in Anaplan blueprint view, but it gives me this error message: "23 cell changes are invalid" when I select all my 23 cells at once.

It only works when I select the text in the formula bar in Excel for a single cell and then paste into Anaplan blueprint view (which is time-consuming as I need to do this one by one instead of in one go).

I think this has to do with the ' in front of the name of my modules, which is somehow disregarded when copy-pasting from multiple cells in Excel into Anaplan and therefore making my Anaplan formula invalid.

How can I solve this? I already tried changing the format of my Excel cell from general to text, but that did not help.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  • KirillKuznetsov
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    You can add one more ' sign in front of the formula where it is disregarded. This helped me every time.

    (you can write a formula to automate this bit in excel)

  • LouiseBourgonjon
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    hi @KirillKuznetsov ,

    thanks for your reply. So I used the concatenate formula to add a ' in front of the formula and put the cell format to general and that works.