Any Way to Switch a Cloudworks Integration from AUTO_DEACTIVATE


Is there any way to force a cloudworks integration to toggle back to ACTIVE from AUTO_DEACTIVATED?

Context: We built a number of integrations and scheduled them to run on the weekend. If an integration is scheduled to run during the regular maintenance windows, eventually the integration in cloudworks will flip to AUTO_DEACTIVATED because the model will be "offline" and there is (as far as i'm aware), no way to toggle it back to ACTIVE. We've tried updating the schedule + you can still run it manually. The only real "fix" we found was deleting/recreating them from scratch.

Should we just be avoiding scheduled integrations in Cloudworks on Saturdays from 12pm-4pm PT (or just avoid Saturdays in general)? That seems like an odd thing to do


  • KirillKuznetsov
    edited May 15

    @brettnish I think you should connect with the support team about this.

    I know it does not fit everyone but seems like it is better to remove schedules on Saturdays or at least always track maintenance windows schedule and disable the integrations during those times… Ask support what would they suggest (and please share with us if you get any good solution/workaround)

    I know about another vulnerability in CW. Don't even try to archive a model that has any CW schedules and is active. This may completely drop the whole workspace and only the support team can restore the model. It will take a lot of time to restore while your users will just have to wait... At least it happened twice since the beginning of this year in two of my clients' WS. Not sure if this bug is fixed already.