Performing Matrix Calculations in Anaplan


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I'm new to Anaplan and I'm exploring how to smoothly execute a matrix product within it. I have two modules: one resembling a (1,5) matrix and the other a (5,5) matrix. My goal is to perform a matrix product of the form (1,5) * (5,5) * (5,1) to derive a single number. Can this be done directly in Anaplan? If not, what would be the approach to achieve it? Thanks in advance for any assistance!


  • TristanS

    @Medbou29 Based on your high level description I would say yes. Best if you really provided more detail

  • Medbou29
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    @TristanS Thanks for the reply. So i have two module one that ressembles a (1,5) Matrix and the other that ressembles a (5,5) matrix. There is a common dimension to these two modules. Is there any smooth method to perform such operation or maybe even to re-model those modules in order to achieve the wanted outcome. Thanks in advance

  • TristanS

    @Medbou29 For purpose of discussion, I will name the dimensions based on the screenshots you provided.

    • Module Sou Souscription Vie has dimensions Assurance and Time Period
    • Module SCR Correlation Vie has dimensions Assurance and MortaliteLongevite

    If you were trying to execute a calculation like

    x = 'Sou Souscription Vie'.Mortalite Vie * 'SCR Correlation Vie'.Mortalite + 'Sou Souscription Vie'.Longevite Vie * 'SCR Correlation Vie'.Longevite

    I would do the following:

    1. Create a "SYS Constants" module. Have the following line items with format Mortalite
      1. Line item name: Constant Mortalite, Formula: FINDITEM(MortaliteLongevite, "Mortalite"
      2. Line item name: Constant Longevite, Formula: FINDITEM(MortaliteLongevite, "Longevite"
    2. Create a "Calculation" module with dimensions Assurance and Time Period
      1. Line item: Calc, Formula: 'Sou Souscription Vie'.Mortalite Vie * 'SCR Correlation Vie'.Mortalite[LOOKUP: 'SYS Constants'.Constant Mortalite] + 'Sou Souscription Vie'.Longevite Vie * 'SCR Correlation Vie'.Longevite[LOOKUP: 'SYS Constants'.Constant Longevite]