Display source model in page bar even if user only has access to a single model


As an end user i need to be able to see the source model for any page displayed on the page bar, even when a page is only linked to a single model or when i only have access to one of the linked models. This is in order to know which model will contain the source data published on the page.

It is also needed in order to know which model to connect to using Excel add-in.

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  • Agree, particularly for folks using ALM some users may have DEV, QA, PROD while others only have a subset of those models. Having the source model display even when user only has one of the linked sources creates more transparency and avoids the potential confusions.

  • golosov

    Now users can see a source model in page's dropdown menu:

  • Thanks @golosov . True, but the desire is to have a consistent, transparent approach to seeing the source model regardless of whether the user is linked to multiple models or only one.

  • golosov

    Hi @philip.austin ,

    Not rejecting the idea, just highlighting a workaround at the moment.

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