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Is there any way of bringing in a user's list of selective access items into a line item?

E.g. if a user has selective access to products P1, P2, P3 in a products list, can I bring this in as a Boolean in a module dimensioned by users and products?

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    No problem!

    So how I have done it in the past is create a module with the list I want to control selective access on. For the dimensions, I put in the users and the list I have selective access on. You then need 2 line items boolean line items for read access, write access which the user can set. Then you need 3 text formated line items which will make to the None, Read and Write fields on the import into the user settings. You need to import None when you want to remove a users access to an item in a list. These line items will show the code of the line item that you want to show or not show based on the User input boolean line items.

    You can save a view of this module and import into the user settings line you would a normal module import.

    Obviously this example and what I am talking about is only for one list, but you can do more clever things selective access hierarchies with your formula's to check if the parent level has been given access then show blank, which would mean that you can only update the lowest level that access has been granted to. You just need to add all of your import actions from each module into a process and run that to update the whole hierarchy.

    Another neat thing about this also is that you can expose it to end users on the UX.

    Hope that this helps!


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    Hi @klameer,

    Sorry to inform you, there isn't a way to access these model settings using formula's or referencing within line item's.

    However (this will be a bit more more work), if you were to set up a module (dimensions: Users & list) which contains boolean check box line items to set user access as you need and set up a few actions/processes to import the boolean line items into the different selective access lists that you have into the user settings page, you can effectively manage your user selective access from the modules that you do this from and update the selective access settings by running an action/process.

    Once you have this set up and are managing the user access from a module with an import to the user settings, it will effectively be formula reference-able "current" version of the users selective access settings - since it's a module with line item's against a list and with Users you would have what you are after.

    If you decide to go down this route, look into importing into the users settings page - it works a little different to other imports.

  • klameer


    Thanks for your response. So would this be the process?

    1. Export the users list (select split list members line by line).
    2. Modify and upload this into the DCA access module.

    This is straight forward but will have to individually do the users where selective access is set at a higher level.



  • klameer

    OK, got it thanks. Great solution.