How to exclude a year while calculating the projection

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I have a requirement where in i have to exclude the year 2020 while calculating the cy projection sales for 2024. Hence when i calculate, i choose a last 5 year period (2019-2023). However in this last 5 year period 2020 gets included. I need to calculate for all years excluding 2020. How do i do this?
also for the last 5 yr period since im excluding 2020, my last 5 yr period should pick the time range from 2018 - 2023 (excluding 2020)


  • tinathom

  • Hi @tinathom , we can exclude the 2020 from your calculations, before that set the model calendar to 2018 to 2023, if you don't it will not consider the 2018, Create a Module with No Dimension, create two year formatted line items as start year and end year, in your target module use the logic for the calcualtion


    ITEM(Time) <= INP Date.Start year OR ITEM(Time) >= INP Date.End year


    Cy Projection Sales



    Above SS may help you, let us know if it doesn't work for you.

  • @tinathom

    1. Create a Fiscal Year Filter to exclude certain year

    2. Use IF and ELSE function to exclude data of the said year