Ability to add multiple values to a text filter


In as much detail as possible, describe the problem or experience related to your idea. Please include specific examples or workarounds:

End users want to be able to set a filter on a text line item for more than one value without creating multiple filters. This works with list formatted line items, but not text.

How often is this impacting your users?

Medium level. End users need to extract file each time if they need to filter multiple values on text line item using excel.

Who is this impacting? (ex. model builders, solution architects, partners, admins, integration experts, business/end users, executive-level business users)

business/end users, executive-level business users.

What would your ideal solution be? How would it add value to your current experience?

Text line items can be filtered by more than one value using a delimiter.
I already see a closed case, attaching it below.

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