Sum on dynamic filter selections


Looking for a way to sum off a data module based on dynamic user selections.

My dashboard has a filter(dimensioned by user). Users select any combination of these dimensions(except amount and account). Sometimes fields are blank so a simple SUM wouldn't work.

Ultimately the summation would live in a P&L statement so also need to consider time and accounts. But the main issue I'm having is getting a sum on the dimensions based on user selections.

Data module:

Dynamic filter:

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  • Ashutosh
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    Hi Michael,

    Assuming P&L statement is dimensioned by Time & Accounts. As you mentioned results should be dynamic selection i.e user based.
    Please follow below steps to achieve the same:

    1. Create a filter line item which will give the valid combination on the basis of dynamic selection. ( I think which u have already created by using actuals list and user list) .

    Note: I've taken only two combination i.e entity and departments selection just for reference. You can apply all conditions.

    2. Create a another module or subsidiary view in data module but dimension should be Actuals & Users. Add below line items and update the formula as shown in below screenshot:

    3. Create a final target module dimensioned by account, Time & User and update the formula as shown in below screenshot:

    Let me know if you have any issues. If you are not using the user as dimension for selection then u don't need to apply user as dimension anywhere. Just follow same steps.