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I would like to build a filter where the user can select the dimension (list) by which they want to filter and then have another grid next to it where the selected dimension's members appear. Is this possible to have this flexibility ?

Example: I have a module with the dimension "Orders" containing the sales of my organization. In the module I have the line items "Country", "Client", "Region" all of which are fomatted in the eponym list.

I display the sales in a page for the users and on top of the page I would like a first card showing a selection menu between "Country", "Client" and "Region" then a second card with the members of the list selected on the first card.

On the second card, I would select the members I want to filter by, using a boolean, and the sales data would adjust accordingly.

I have no issue filtering the sales data by a specific dimension in a regular scenario, but I do not know how to have a dynamic dimension there.

Can anyone let me know if this is possible and if so how to get the desired result ?

Thank you for the help !


  • Ashutosh


    Please see this article. It will solves your problem.



  • @QZ - You can go with the video link shared above. It will also tell you about the actions for clearing your filters as well.

  • QZ


    Thank you for the suggestion. While the video was informative, it does not provide the solution I am looking for.

    In the video, there are four dimensions in card, each being available even if the user does not need to filter the data using one of these dimensions.

    My goal was to have only one dimension on the top part of the page instead of four, and have it dynamically update based on an earlier selection.

    Using the video as an example, my ideal case is:

    • One grid asks me to select between Segment, Product Manager, Lifecycle, Vegan.
    • One grid displays the members of the eponym list based on what was selected just before.

    Is this possible ?

    Thanks !

  • PulkitChawla
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    @QZ - You can make 4 selection dependent on users and then make a User filter based on that.

    Here is the logic you can follow.