Many to one text merge



In my FP&A model end-users can add comments(in text format) to a variance module that is dimensioned by the user list(among other dimensions).

How can I consolidate the comments so we can see comments from all users combined? I'm thinking we would have a secondary module not dimensioned by end user.

The main challenge is consolidating the text based comments from many to one.

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  • @michael.chefer - When you say consolidate, you mean putting all the comments from all the users into a single item?

  • michael.chefer
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    Correct. Have any ideas? I haven't found any community posts that provide a solution.

  • @shubhamrawat - Just curious to know will there be any limit of comment items using textlist function? Like it can take how many comments separated by commas?

  • @PulkitChawla Function has a limit of 10k Characters, however, it works well in my scenario, as we have short comments only from 10 executives.