API Should be Available for Model History Logs


In as much detail as possible, describe the problem or experience related to your idea. Please provide the context of what you were trying to do and include specific examples or workarounds:

Use Case: - All anaplan logs should go to central logging solution like Splunk etc.

Problem: - No direct API available for model level history logs.

Workaround: - Create export action for each model and then run data API and call action for every models.

How often is this impacting your users?

It is impacting not directly users, but it is impacting development team to put extra effort to integrate logs to central log solution.

Who is this impacting?

It is impacting solution architects, partners, admins, integration experts. Integration team need to develop out of the box solution with help of model builders so if there is n number of models then there should be n action/process which integration team have to call via data API.

What would your ideal solution be? How would it add value to your current experience?

There should be direct API available like log API for audit logs.

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