How to avoid result negative when running Optimizer


I Want to solve Linier program issue using Anaplan optimizer.

I have following all scenario from anapedia.

But one of result show negative value like picture (Red Rectangle)

Now my question is, how to setting variable result to avoid negative value???


if you curious about Liner program question here is, I am looking for cheaper expedition cost



Expedition Cost


  1. 10AX + 11AY + 13 AZ =< 80
  2. 8BX + 9BY + 11BZ =< 70
  3. 7CX + 8CY + 10CZ =< 50
  4. 10AX + 8BX + 7CX = 60
  5. 11AY + 9BY + 8CY = 50
  6. 13AZ + 11BZ + 10CZ = 90

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  • jasonblinn
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    Hi @Dwianto

    When setting the variable, you can choose a Min and Max value. In this case, just Set the Min to 0, and it will not produce a result with a negative number:


  • Dwianto
    edited June 27

    Hey @jasonblinn Thankyou for your answer it's very help full..

    I have another question, about using Objective Minimize and Maximize (Red Rectangle) in Optimizer menu

    Base on my question above, I am looking for Minimal cost for transportation..
    I have Run both Minimize and Maximize Value, but both of them show same Total Cost (Red Rectangular) like picture below, if I compare with Excel (Green Color Fill), Excel can show different total cost result…
    Am I make a mistake?

    Minimize Result

    1. Variable
    2. Total Cost

    Maximize Result

    1. Variable
    2. Total Cost

    Excel Result

    1. Minimize Cost (Green Color)
    2. Maximal Cost (Green Color)

  • Dwianto

    Sorry, I made a Mistake on my Excel
    It's look like both of Minimize and Maximize show the same value

    Pardon Me @jasonblinn

    Regards, Dwianto