Minimize and Maximize Objective on Optimizer show Same Value


I am looking for Minimal cost for transportation by running Optimizer..
I have Run both Minimize and Maximize Value, but both of them show same Total Cost (Red Rectangular) like picture below, if I compare with Excel (Green Color Fill), Excel can show different total cost result…
Am I make a mistake?

Minimize Result

  1. Variable
  2. Total Cost

Maximize Result

  1. Variable
  2. Total Cost

Excel Result

  1. Minimize Cost (Green Color)
  2. Maximal Cost (Green Color)

Best Answer

  • Dwianto
    Answer ✓

    Sorry, I made a Mistake on my Excel
    It's look like both of Minimize and Maximize show the same value


  • Would be great if you can share the excel. Want to see this and create a demo out of this. Thanks